A million steps, but no walk

I didn’t technically do a walk today. However, I refuse to apologize. I shovelled a huge dump of fresh snow for about an hour and a half this afternoon, which gives me more than enough movement and exercise for the day. Kenna even had some workout, as she is good enough now I can let her come out from behind the fence when I am shovelling. She sniffed, and burrowed and greeted anyone within sight, then ran in circles. Not quite a walk, but close.

I had the camera with me, but, since I needed the shovelling done before the pic, and I was so cold and tired when I finished … forgot to get the shots. I’ll add them tomorrow.

So, no walk, but I don’t think I need to make up for this. In fact, I may do the same tomorrow. The temperature has plummeted, and I still have the front walk and my back steps area to do. With wind-chills into the warning area, getting out but sticking close to home, especially for Kenna, may be the smartest move.

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