Another nick-of-time day

I was fully prepared to take a truant day. I was working my little heart out all day, and I have an appointment that will cost me tomorrow morning. However, by 11pm, my eyes were crossing, and Kenna needed to at least do her business.

So, off we went. We walked to the beach, found charming Nicolai to talk to while Kenna and Cody, a 2-year-old, 100lb chunk ran and jumped and wrestled. Great workout. And then I started to walk, and it felt good, and I walked some more. I have no images because I had no intentions of walking, and it was familiar turf anyway, and it was dark. But I fit in a great walk, coming home with my eyes clear, cheeks rosy and my head in a much better place.

So … sorry for the lack of images, but my streak is unbroken. That makes me happy.

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