Catching a walk at the high temp

I had no choice in my walk time today. We had 0ºC (32ºF) at 1pm, with a predicted fall through the afternoon to -18ºC by evening, with increasing wind. Not a chance I was going to miss that warm window. Kildonan Park was our choice for the warm day. I had some running around to do close to the park, and it is still one of my favourite places in the city, especially in the winter.

We headed out on the paved path, but the trail closer to the river that I take in the summer was calling out, even though the path was barely there. I’m glad we made the switch for two reasons. First, Kenna can be off-leash when we leave the main trail. Technically, she is not supposed to be off, but since she never goes near the main trail, and it is rare to see anyone on the lower trail, I take the risk. The second reason I was glad of the more primitive trail was for the workout. It is far, far, FAR harder to walk on a trail that is barely broken, with 6″ of snow on top of the barely-there trail. It was slow, indeed somewhat sweaty work, but I sure spent my walk time wisely if I was looking for exercise.

The warm temps were not here for long enough to affect the snow, so I had the unusual treat of walking through the snow on a warm day, but without getting wet. Normally, temps like this have made the snow heavy and wet. You can walk through our dry snow, up to your knees, for a long time, and never get wet. Think of super-light sand. Just look at wet snow, and your whole body is wet … instantly. (Can you guess why I don’t complain about the cold temps as much as you would expect — wait until you hear me whine in the spring. )

The river is now mostly frozen, but that is an illusion. Don’t trust the ice on a river. Ever. I have some pictures today as proof.

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