Countdown to winter

Not much of a walk today, though I spent a fair amount of time at it. In fact, if I measured the knee bends, toe-touching and back bends, I probably had a pretty good workout. I leave for Winnipeg first thing Monday morning, so my time on the beach is growing short.

We walked along the beach for a while, but mostly I just picked over the rocks — must take a few home. Once you start looking at the ground on a beach, it’s hard to stop. There is a whole world at your feet, and it is like meditation to see all that is there.

I did see something on the water that I have not seen before — a canoe. It was quite far away, as you will see in the picture, but it looked like a freighter canoe, which means it would either be antique or a replica. It’s a long time since canoes were used for transporting goods, even in Canada.

I made sure to get a picture today that represents a family I am going to miss, even though I have never laid eyes on any of them. I walk by this place at least once a day, because my Kenna duty route to the ocean is past here. There is often music coming from this house, and at times, that music is direct from a piano. Other times it is classical or folk/blues recorded music. But even that is not enough for me to be as attached to them as I am.

They have a basket hanging on their fence. That basket is always filled with little gifts. Often candy, sometimes herbs. Last week it was full to overflowing with Rosemary. Yesterday they had cinnamon candy and chocolate balls. Today, suckers and candy canes.

There is something so giving, so community spirited in this basket that my days will truly be missing a drop of light when I don’t have that connection. I have to wonder if we would have a gentler and more loving society if there was more spontaneous sharing like this.

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