Couple of blocks … done!

No images. I am not prepared for winter just yet. My bottom half is freezing, and I am not yet smart enough to put on underlayers for even a short jaunt.

I had to go to Osborne Village, and thought that would be a perfect chance to get in a few steps. Luckily, I started by parking a couple of blocks away from where I needed to go, on purpose. I bundled up with scarf and hat, mitts, jacket zipped to the top of the neck warmer, and headed out. Holy man. Two blocks can be an eternity when you are cold.

The plan had been to head further south, observing what was going on in this funky little area of the city, take a few pics of Christmas in the Village, and then return. Not a chance. I headed directly back for the car, and was happy to be there.

So … four blocks is the total for the day. Not impressive, I’ll admit, but I need a break in the weather to get my winter chops back. I never could have guessed how much the early winter prepares you for the real stuff. The temperature is supposed to soar in the next few days, so hopefully, I can get my feet under me, and my cold-weather clothing in order.

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