Dog-free run through the park to Cook Village

I was meeting someone for coffee today, so Kenna had to stay home. That let me check out some of the shops in Cook Village, where I was last week, but couldn’t go inside because I had the dog.

As I get more familiar with the city, I am certainly finding where to buy what at a good price. I have a grocery routine in Winnipeg. Some stores are great for dairy, but have high prices on produce. Some stores are great for bread products. Others have great deals on produce, but you’d best not buy a jar of mayo. I have the pattern down so well, I don’t even make special trips — I grab the appropriate products as I am going by for other reasons.

I’m getting there with Victoria. My produce guy on Cook Street is part of it, but he has a limited supply. The larger store on the same street also has amazing produce prices, and great variety. There’s an organic store in the same area that is expensive, but has some wild things I’m sure you can’t find in many places. Generally, Cook Street is pretty darned good for groceries, especially produce.

However, I discovered that I am lucky to have a car. I’ve always thought you could shop the way I do while walking, if you are in a great location like I am in Victoria. I bought lots of groceries on my bike last summer in Winnipeg, after all. Ha! I carried two bags home today. Just across the park — no big deal. Well, walking 2 km, and walking 2 km with two bags of produce and dairy products is not the same thing. I won’t do that again. I will take my bike, because I have carriers that could have handled the load and made little difference, but never again while walking.  I appreciate my working shoulders too much.

On the plus side, though, it was a good excuse to stop by a pond in the park and commune with the ducks and peacocks. I also  figured out why there is a giant watering can at the entry to the park. It’s a splash pad (I think).

I did get in a second walk, because my dog is spoiled and expects a decent walk every day. We just walked down to the ocean in the dark. Nothing to report, but it is significant that I just did the second walk without thinking much about it. Habit is forming.

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