Exploring Glenelm, in my own neighbourhood.

Oh, boy, I did not want to go out walking today. I managed to procrastinate it all day, even sneaking in a nap as part of my avoidance strategy. But, 10 days a week kept beating up on me, and I knew that before I called it a night, I would be out walking.

We walked across Henderson Hwy. to a mirror image of the area off Main St. I wrote about a few days ago. It’s known, at least locally, as Glenelm, and is just as pretty as the area provided by the river bends on the other side. This side is a bit more eclectic. Not weird, but the renovations done on the older homes seem to be a little more driven by individual taste than convention. I’ve included a bunch of images of houses, all taken on one street. I was not able to capture the complete range of styles, because there is just too much variety.

This is a fairly regular walk spot for us, as it is just a couple of blocks from home. This time, we stuck pretty much to the perimeter, finishing the walk on our side of Henderson, but I will be back here with my camera when there is more light. The interior streets have some wonderful features, including a church with bells we hear from time to time.

Right at the entrance to the little park, is the Roxy Lanes bowling alley. I have always thought it was a bit quirky, and so did a bit of research when I came home. Turns out, it was a theatre in its first life. You can read a bit about that history at Theatres of Winnipeg . Scroll about ¾ of the way down the page to find the Roxy, or Ctrl F and enter Roxy to do a search. I’ve “borrowed” an image and the playbill from that site to show here, but have also included my night shot. It is a delightfully tacky place when the lights are all on.

As much as I didn’t want to go, I am really glad I did. The reluctance was gone within a block or two, and it is very good, especially for someone who works from home, to get out and rest the eyes on different views. I think that may be as much value to me as the exercise. The fresh air does wonders for your mind and spirit, too.

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