Forced march

No images, because it was dark, and I was forced out into the streets, so not thinking about the blog, but I did go on a short walk yesterday. I arrived home from BC on Wednesday, but forgave myself for lacking the energy to get out. Not only am I getting used to the weather, but I had just driven through the night.

However, I was preparing to stretch that one more day. After a late dinner, however, my friend Lisa insisted that we all go for a walk on the crunchy snow. Just around the block. “We can scout out parking spaces,” said Val, who had to move her car from the snow route in front of my house. So, off we went, three friends, all bundled up (I had to hit the basement for my winter stuff), and Kenna.

We walked around the long block, then me, the reluctant one, suggested maybe we go one more block up before we headed for home. Lisa was right. Our dinner had been sitting heavy. When we came back, not only were our cheeks pleasantly chilled, but that after-rich-dinner heaviness had  dissipated.

It’s going to take me a while to willingly get dressed to go out in the cold. Don’t forget that I have had no lead-up to winter this year. It was Victoria, generally mild weather on the way back, then — BAM! Into the deep freeze. On the other hand, that walk last night gave me the up side. I have always loved coming in from the cold after moving in the winter. I had forgotten that little detail.

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