Freedom: clear walking in some places

I feel like I have been let out of prison. My area has undergone heavy snow removal over the past day or so, and I have sidewalks again. Or most of my area has sidewalks. We went out for a short walk today, and ended up walking further than intended, then further than I wanted to go.

I walked further than intended because I was having fun, and walking on flat snow. At this time of year, that is the best the city has to offer. My street offers nearly bare sidewalks, but that also can mean slippery spots. In cold weather, flat, snow-covered sidewalks are not the least bit slippery, and provide a similar step to a soft-dirt trail. If you ignore the crunchy sound, you can pretend you are on a trail.

I went further than I wanted because I couldn’t find a plowed sidewalk to cut back over to start heading home. I would say they have managed to clear about one street in four. By the time I found a cross street in decent shape, I was out for too long for the weather and my clothing. One thing I can say for winter walking — the last half is usually done at a pretty good clip. I was almost race-walking by the time I rounded the corner for home.

This walk made me proud. By tomorrow afternoon, we are predicted to be in much, much warmer air. I came very close to deciding to sit out the last cold day, but that wasn’t the deal. The deal was every day. I can make a good argument when the wind-chill hits -50, but if I refuse -20 something, I would be in all winter in this place.

How much is this province focussed on the warmer weather on the way? How about a countdown clock? See the images for a screen capture of the countdown to -13ºC (9F), our normal temp for this time of year. In fact, tomorrow’s high is forecast to be -11ºC. See the countdown clock at, before noon on January 9, 2013, of course.

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