I saw the other side

For the first time since I arrived in Victoria, and started walking along the waterfront,  I had a clear view of the Washington, USA mountains. Or, a clear view of the top of the mountains. The clouds were just above the peaks, but there was a solid bank of fog at water level. The impression was of layers of clouds, some at the bottom of the mountain. The effect was truly stunning.

I had intended to walk to the dog park, give Kenna a run there, and then to start exploring the streets on the other side of Beacon Hill Park.  But the view was so compelling that I never left the water.

It was getting dark when I finally gave in to Kenna’s desire. The last few walks on that route, I have stayed up above the beach on the path in order to walk faster and get a bit more of a workout. Every time we hit steps, or a path going down, Kenna heads down and looks up at me. She loves any walk, but the beach is, by far, her favourite place. Tonight, I said OK, and we headed for the beach.

The sunset was finished and dark nearly settled when we arrived at the water, but that didn’t stop me from finding and engaging a woman from Seattle. We gabbed on for at least an hour. I was quite delighted from the start, when I asked her what brought her to Victoria. She is an escapee from Thanksgiving with her daughter and daughter’s boyfriend. She doesn’t much like the boyfriend, and despises the whole Black Friday scene.

The long conversation was almost guaranteed when I floated a trial balloon into the subject of politics. She came back with, “that G.. D… Tea Party … and off we went. We shared very similar views, but she had also served six years of active duty in the US Air Force and time in the reserves, so her perspective was fascinating. We separated with intentions to fit in a lunch before she leaves town.

So, not a long walk, or even a foot of new turf, but a breathtaking show from the sky and distant mountains, and highly intelligent conversation on the beach.

For anyone who worried with me when Kenna was sick shortly after we arrived here, my suspicion that she had eaten a bunch of junk on the beach has been confirmed a couple of times. When I am distracted, I’ll hear crunch, crunch. That is my cue to be thankful that the apartment has bullet-proof laminate flooring. I doubt she will ever learn, but at least my anxiety doesn’t shoot through the roof when she does get sick.

Not much for images tonight, and what I have does no justice to what I saw.

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