Kilcona Park — Disney for Dogs

Today’s walk was a gift to Kenna — a trip to the dog park. Off-leash dog park, of course. But it turned out to be a very strong pat-myself-on-the-back walk, too.

First, Kenna. Kilcona Park is on Lagimodière Boulevard, just north of Springfield Road, or almost at the north perimeter. I’m not sure how many acres it contains, but plenty of room to move. Dogs can be off-leash in about half the park, and that area includes plenty of wide open prairie with both short and tall grass, marshes with tall rushes, trails and ponds. It doesn’t get much better than that for a dog. Of course, there are also other dogs there, to run with, growl at, and share disgusting dog-rituals.

It’s a popular park. I took a shot of the parking lot because it illustrates heavy use of green space, and at least one very happy dog for each vehicle. I have never been to the park when there were not at least 8-10 cars, any time of day or evening, and no matter the weather. A dog needs exercise or they will make your life miserable. Dog owners are more motivated to use parks than regular citizens, because 30 minutes with a dog off-leash is energy-burning equivalent of double or triple the time walking on a leash.

Kilcona has walking routes that can be 1, 2, 3 or 4.5 km. I have been wimping out to the 1 km route more often than I care to admit. And worse than choosing the short route, I was not always (often) happy while walking. Well, tonight, a mere two weeks after I started moving this lazy butt, I did the 3 km with absolutely nothing but happy steps. I would have done the 4.5, but it was late, and that route is in trees which makes it even darker. I really cannot believe how fast this well-worn body has responded to moving every day.

The trip was a total delight. Fall has very much arrived. It was only 7º C (45º F), cold enough to make my cheeks rosy — perfect walking temperature. I love this kind of weather, although it always has the darker edge of knowing what’s on the way. I was shocked to notice that some of the trees were bare. It’s only a couple of weeks ago that the first leaves started changing colour, but we have had two days of high winds. You could take a high-powered vacuum to the trees and not have as much success stripping the yellow leaves as steady wind does.

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