Too late for Aboriginal day activities on my walk

Aboriginal Day was all over social media and the radio all day. I love events like this, because I can fit my walk into a community event, always adding a lot of fun. However, I had a busy work day, too, and it was nearly 8pm by the time I left home. I checked out Selkirk Avenue first, but all action was gone. There were fewer people than normal on the street, so it was pretty obvious I was too late.

Next stop was he Forks, where several events had taken place all day. I truly expected to see at least a band performance. Not so. Unlike Selkirk, however, the grounds were full of people. I decided to hang out there, as I clearly missed Aboriginal Day. However, I get a second chance, and so do you. Saturday, June 25th, the Forks is featuring events that should have you planning your entire day there for the whole family. See details here. Music all afternoon, a pow wow, skateboard competition. And the evening concert lineup is stunning. Buffy St Marie, Tribe Called Red, neither requiring introduction. Also dynamite BC singer, Kristi Lane Sinclair and creative Elipsie — just as a start. See the lineup here. ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

fountainWhile I was at the Forks, I noticed a brand new arch and fountain, both highlighting the Union Station entrance. According to the family who found me staring at the vision, it’s not new. What? How have I walked past that so many times. I hang out at the Forks many times a year. I’ve walked past, driven past and biked past this spot dozens of times. I’ll admit I am not there as much in the summer, as I tend to avoid crowds, but still. I’ve since asked others, and have come to the conclusion that this arch and fountain have been there, probably since I first moved here ten years ago.

shoesThere is probably no better place in the city to people-watch, and today was prime time. People of every age, size and colour. People on foot, but also on bikes, with canes, on skateboards or in wheelchairs. I decided one couple was on a first (or at least early) date. They were 40+, talking steadily or intently listening. Longer-term couples are usually a little less engaged. But the single, glaring sign to me: her shoes. Heels this high, even wedges, are not comfortable, and one thing you always do at the Forks is walk. Definitely worn during the stage of dating when you dress to impress.

We walked down to the water, intent on hitting the trail towards the legislative buildings. Unfortunately, the way was blocked in both directions by high water, yet again. I do think the city needs to get a bunch of people together and figure out once and foe all, how to keep the river trail above the water. Other places have floating boardwalks. I wonder if that has been considered here?


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