Let’s try this again

Here I am, over a year since my last post. However, I have become very lazy, and need to break the inertia. I remember that my walking exploration helped get me out and about, especially when I could come back here and talk about it.

I hurt my knee in the spring, and was shut down from walking for quite a while. I had a brace and physio, and even that didn’t get me going very fast. I am pretty much OK now for straight walking, still a bit wobbly going downstairs, but finally can walk down like an adult (as opposed to going like a toddler … one foot on step, second foot on same step, now one foot down … carry on painfully to the bottom). I still need a railing to be able to do that, but it is confidence as much as anything. I just don’t trust that my left knee isn’t going to buckle.

Anyway, starting tomorrow, August 28th, Kenna and I are at least going to get a few blocks under us. Summer is quickly coming to an end here, and I want my habit back before snow and ice give me more than enough excuse to stay home.

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