Misty morning in Beaudry Provincial Park

Head west of Winnipeg, really just a few minute’s drive, and you will find the most delightful little park. Beaudry Provincial park has a picnic area, washrooms and … well not much more. Except, there are wonderful walking trails, that morph to cross-country ski trails in winter.

A friend and I headed out on Friday, with a gentle mist threatening to turn into showers. Knowing our soft-earth walking days are numbered as October winds down, we decided to take the risk. With a slight nod to getting wiser (sounds better than wimpier) with age, we did have umbrellas tucked in our packs. We never needed the protection, and the mist proved to be an asset, not a liability as we made our way around the longer trail. Colours were mainly soft neutrals, with a shock of lime green, orange and even red. The saturated landscape muted the neutrals and intensified the bright spots.

You have several choices for where to walk, and therefore the distance. Our trip took us to the cabin with a woodstove, a true delight in winter, but even with the rain, our day was relatively warm. We enjoyed a dry place to sit and relax while we ate our packed lunches. Kenna alternated between chasing a piece of firewood around the  cabin, and chewing on it. In short, a perfect break for all of us.

Grey days can be tough, especially if there are a few in a row. By getting out in the damp, grey landscape, we actually discovered beauty we would not have otherwise seen, and climbed into the car much more energized than we were starting out. Isn’t that always the way?

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