One wet city

Quick and uneventful report today, as my walk was a practical jaunt to meet a new friend for coffee at Fisherman’s Wharf. I met Liz, a graduate student, roughly the same age as my kids, the first time I visited Fisherman’s Wharf. If you remember that post, she was the reason I had so few good pictures, since we talked while the last of the light disappeared.

The distance was perfect for a soaking wet day, probably 3.5-4km round trip. The rain was relentless today, though. I did have an umbrella, but the streets. the trees, the bushes that overhang the sidewalks — all soaking wet. My jeans were wet past my ankles by the time I arrived back home.

On the plus side, that level of wet does provide a unique look. Everything in sight looked like it had been coated with high-gloss varnish. Streets, sidewalks, trees, cars, leaves, signs. Stop lights were duplicated on the streets. Wet, wet, very wet. Tomorrow, and the next few days are forecast to be sunny. I am more than ready.

Because I had Kenna with me, we didn’t even get completely out of the rain for the coffee stop. We were on a nice covered patio, but the wind occasionally brought a fine mist under the canopy, and nothing will ever need to be closer to you than a wet dog.

Having said all that, you might guess it was a miserable outing. You would be wrong. I actually enjoyed every step of the way, conversation was delightful and the coffee was my favourite, Ethiopian.

Side note, and not walking related, but the visit with Liz was only the first of my social engagements for the day. This evening, I was at a writer’s meetup ( group), and another new friend, Kate, and I stayed on after the meeting for a good gab in the nearby coffee shop. I’m quite the social butterfly out west, it seems.

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