Hidden pockets for walking in North Kildonan

There is a little walking trail, quite pretty, and very quiet in North Kildonan. It’s just behind the Cambrian credit union, a couple of blocks south of the Chief Peguis Trail. It goes maybe a kilometer to the river. I’m not sure what I was recently looking up on the map, but my eye caught a green space off this trail that I have walked for years.

The red line is the path I have walked for years. The blue line is the new route I walked today, after seeing it on this map. Click the map for a larger view.

This afternoon, instead of going straight to the river, I walked down the bank (the trail is elevated — an old rail bed), through the playground, and found the green on the map. It’s a very pretty little path, like the bottom of a bowl, with houses at the rim, and the entire bottom left fallow. And it gets better. See the little blue line on the map? Yup, a creek. The whole green space is only as long as a couple of city blocks, but because it was so low, and well-treed, it was like a little piece of heaven. On the down side, it was ideal mosquito country, and sure enough, the little devils are back.

I used to live outside Kenora, Ontario, where I would walk nearly every day. Mostly, it was stunningly beautiful, almost like a meditation because everything stayed the same, while the seasons marched past in endless succession. Walking in the city is the opposite. I exited the bustle for a very pretty path, found new green space, then popped right back into a quintessentially-city setting, with concrete walls holding back the sound of a highway, and towering apartment/condo buildings, cranes building more, and finally, what looked like a class of teens with teachers on a bike ride.

I had a good chat with one of the homeowners next to the apartment buildings. The original buildings have been there for decades, so the new building really doesn’t bother the nearby residents. He did have a few things to say about the upkeep and garbage habits of the apartment crowd, but then added some information I was thrilled to have: The gravel road running beside the apartment complex to the river was going to be part of a new bike path. When I first arrived ten years ago, Winnipeg was behind the game for accommodating bikes. I’m amazed at how many trails have been added.

With the apartment at my back, I stepped into one of the sweetest spots I’ve seen in this city. There are only a few houses, but the river is on one side, and the short street dead ends at the park along the river. Considering that you could almost throw a ball to the Pequis highway, it was amazingly quiet and felt remote. You’ll never see these areas unless you are walking. Even on a bike, you might pass through the little piece of magic too quickly to grasp the serenity.

Walking Details

Approximately 3km. Start walking at Cambrian Credit Union, 1366 Henderson. Parking in Cambrian lot. Circle route.

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