Post Christmas walk in Dryden

I did go for a walk today. I desperately wanted to go for a walk, because there was just too much food, sitting and more food over the past couple of days. I couldn’t find my camera, so I borrowed one from my sister. She asked a few things as we found the camera, then the battery and I prepared to set off. The critical thing she asked me did not penetrate my brain until I saw the “no card” message  — on the first picture. That was what she asked: Is the card in the camera?

However, photos or no photos, we did fit in a walk. I took Kenna down a few blocks from my Mom’s house, where we were all gathered.  We walked close to a little bush area, snow storage lot and lake behind Pinewood School. I never went to Dryden schools, since we grew up in a village outside of Dryden, but I remember Pinewood as being much, much larger and more impressive than it seemed today. I notice that a lot when I revisit the physical locations that form childhood memories. Almost without exception, the building I remember is tiny compared to my memory.

Kenna seemed to enjoy getting out without the other dogs and people, too. My Mom’s place always has dogs and cats, and too many people coming and going all the time. In other words, there is no better place to be at Christmas. But the chaos provides a perfect background to appreciate the quiet crunch of feet on snow, the brilliant sunshine (after Victoria I appreciate that quality much more) and the relatively mild temperatures we are enjoying now. I think it was -11ºC when we were out.

In fact, when we came home, I was not ready to go in. My niece, Brett, fosters dogs waiting for adoption, and she has two gorgeous Husky cross puppies right now. She’s had them since they had to be fed every couple of hours, ripped from Mom far too early. But they are now eating solid food, and thriving. I decided it was time for their first leash training, and we had a blast. Well … Torque and I had a blast. Jethro was not impressed one little bit, and never did stop crying like he was being beaten because the leash was on him. Torque started out the same, but as soon as he hit the big, wide world of the street, his curiosity overcame his distress over the collar and leash.

I don’t have pictures of the sweeties on the leash, or climbing the snow banks (they both seemed to do that instinctively), but I did rob Brett’s facebook page for a shot of these fabulous babies. I don’t think they will have to wait for long for a good home. They are going to be great dogs, especially with the start they have had with so many other dogs, cats, and a parade of new people.


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