Walking from gardens to blue jeans just off Sargent Avenue

A friend and I walk every Friday morning, rain or shine, wind or snow, and then we go for breakfast. It’s a little ritual that has been going on for years now. Today, we hit a pass-through area for both of us. Lisa lives in St James, and I live near Henderson Hwy, so we often go through this area going west to east or east to west.

The greenery in the city is at its peak right now. Everything is pretty much in full leaf, and full bloom, with nothing old enough to be ragged. We started a long block north of Portage on Spruce Street, which is a few blocks west of Erin St. This is a very mature area of the city, and walking north, the tree canopy and numerous gardens provided a setting that was almost park like.

The gardens are wonderful. In places, entire front yards were devoted to perennial gardens, and even the back yards were worthy of note. One property was obviously owned by a rose lover (I am one, too), with both the back and front yards filled to overflowing with every type and colour of rose.

We walked up to Sargent where I knew there was a little memorial park with beautiful silhouette sculptures. I’ve driven by for years, but wanted to get a closer look. I had never noticed that there is also a tiny little green area that is part of the Valour Road memorial.

Right across from the memorial park, is Sargent Blue Jeans, another place I have driven by for years. We popped in and found quite the specialty shop, independently owned. The whole store is filled with piles of jeans, apparently going up to size 64 with inseams to 38″. Prices are reasonable. One of the owners and a part-time worker were on duty, and obviously (rightfully) proud of their products and service. They do free alterations on jeans you purchase there, including hemming and reducing leg width. This place is a must see. If I remember correctly, they are open until 7pm, though I strongly advise calling to confirm: (204) 772-8145. Here is an article in the Winnipeg Free Press from 2014.

Even without the impressive and quirky businesses we found, the houses make this an interesting walk. We found towers and arches, balconies and some wonderful stonework. Walking south down Clifton on the way back to the car, we found two delightful bays. The dip from the main street has houses only on one side, with the centre part remaining green. Alhtough the street only goes in for five or six houses, it was amazing how any traffic sound disappeared.

Very nice area to walk in. We will be back. I’m finding that mixing commercial areas, i.e., many stretches of Sargent Avenue, and walking the nearby  residential streets makes for very interesting walks. I think there might be two or three more walks very close to where we were today.

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