Ta-da! A -33ºC real walk

OK, so I added the wind chill in for dramatic effect. It was -24ºC, but with the wind, -33ºC. I bundled up the top half, hat, scarf, down jacket, sheepskin mitts, and put leggings under my jeans. That did it, though a few more degrees, or a bit more wind, and it still would have been very cold.

We went back to the same park near the library, the one where I cut the walk very short. It’s a park I like, because you can walk for quite a way along the river. I did get to the end of the park today, though I passed up my normal treat — sitting for a few minutes on the bench overlooking the river. I assure you, the only way either Kenna or I stayed warm was to keep moving.

Uneventful, though I did have a short chat with a guy, or I think it was a guy … short and gender confusion underlines the difference between chats here and those I had in Victoria. Short chats are in order because, even dressed, it is still damn cold out there. Gender confusion comes when only the eyes are visible, and the entire body is encased in bulky clothing. We talked for maybe three, four minutes, and I guarantee had both of us ended up in the nearby library soon after talking, we would have walked right by one another without a hint of recognition.

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