The Waterfront

If you haven’t seen the area of Winnipeg now known as the Waterfront lately, you need to treat yourself to a wander. It’s close enough to where I live that it sometimes serves as a shortcut for me, but I learned a lot today. I intended just a nice walk along the river, with a side goal to check out the round condo building that is going up beside the Disraeli. It just proves that moving at the speed of feet is the only way to really know the city.

Words are not the best way to take in this tiny piece of the city. Let the images and captions take you for a tour.


2 thoughts on “The Waterfront

  1. Hi, Wendy. I would to walk along the Waterfront in Winnipeg with you sometime soon. But as I am driven by my mouth in most cases, my walk would have to include a visit to a restaurant and bar along the Waterfront. I hear the Brazilian place is quite good!

    • I’ve never been to Carnival, but the smells that come from there are amazing. I have eaten at Cibo, and it is very good. It’s in what I believe was the old pump house for the city.

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