A tiny oasis nestled in rapidly developing Regent west area

I live alone, so Costco, famous for huge quantity packages at great prices, is not the perfect shopping setup for me. However, they have, by far, the best prices on prescription drugs. Pharmacies cannot block access, so anyone is able to get prescriptions filled. I was there today, and brought Kenna so we could do a walk while I waited for the prescription to be filled.

Regent west is my big-box area, so I am well aware that the area is under heavy development. The area behind Costco was new to me, so we headed that way. The first very new thing I noticed is that Reenders Ave, once just a small road leading to Canadian Tire, has become a four lane road connecting Lagimodiere to Costco. And the road past Costco leads to a whole new area of condos, or apartments. Lots of them.

However, if you walk a bit past the Costco lot and turn left, you are into what was probably a little rural-like spot in the city. The houses looked like they have been there for a few decades, with good-sized lots and well-established trees and landscaping. I talked to a few people along the road about the new development, and they seemed to be OK with all that was going on. However, one couple explained that they almost ended up with a development behind them that grew from a two-story mall to a much higher and bigger development. They did manage to find out in time to stop it. It would have really ruined their special spot.

I also found an old Jewish cemetery, and a true path to nowhere. Pretty path it was, but definitely not built for practical purposes.

It’s an interesting area. From old, to new, to old, to really old and back to new in under an hour at the speed of feet.

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