Victoria has winter. Here’s the proof!

I woke up to a winter wonderland today. I haven’t been following the forecast, so the snow was a total surprise. It was pretty, as the first snow always is. Our quick walk became a long walk because it was so pretty.  It started as a dog-business run. I didn’t even have my runners on, so my foot is paying me back tonight, but it was worth it.

Enough snow came down to coat the paths, and there is, even tonight, still snow and ice on residential streets. It was quite cold all day, but I was actually over-warm on the walk. I don’t make the same mistake twice, so I was decked out with winter jacket and mitts for this one.

Since we had walked close anyway, I decided to take Kenna to the dog park, let her run off some energy, and make this the day’s walk. Surprise — no dogs. This whole area was crawling with walkers before dark yesterday, but that was obviously the sun. The snow left the streets almost deserted. We eventually found a few dogs for her to play with, but I bet not more than half a dozen through the whole park. But, I finally caught a picture of what Kenna has done to entertain herself since she was a tiny puppy. See the images.

Someone has a sense of humour, or a very soft heart, maybe both. because the Terry Fox statue was sporting a hat this morning. That was pretty much the most exciting thing we saw today, but check out the pictures. It really was pretty, and this is a side of Victoria that doesn’t show up often.

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