Walking between buzz and quiet near Corydon and Lilac

Tonight was a perfect evening for a summer urban experience, so I headed into the heart of trendy Corydon, starting at Corydon and Lilac. The walk was very interesting. I am familiar with all the high profile businesses, in fact, the Stoneware Gallery is one of my favourite places in the city.  But I knew nothing of the streets between all the busy ones, like Lilac, Harrow, Stafford.  In fact, the residential streets are quiet, elegant, and oh boy are there some gorgeous houses.

But before we get to the houses, let’s get past where one of the residents of the area was going to call the police on me. I hadn’t even walked a full block, when I saw a bike, a Supercycle (Canadian Tire brand) with three locks on it, solidly attached to a steel fence. I’ve seen two locks, but never three, so I took a picture, and moved on a few feet down the street looking for my next point of interest.

Suddenly, a man in pajama pants came out from the next house, yelling at me for taking pictures of his bike. Clarity, it was one picture, but guilty as charged. I did do the deed. I was about to offer to delete the shot, when he started ranting about calling the police. He knew I was planning to come back and steal his bike. (Wouldn’t it make more sense just to quietly write down the address?) I wish I could say I neglected to offer the delete because I needed evidence that my picture was innocent should I find myself chatting with officers. Nope. I admit it. His wild-eyed ranting got under my skin.

The elegance of the buildings kept my jaw dropped for much of the walk. Even the apartment buildings had character and class. The one featured below had a stunning entrance, and it looked like sun-rooms in each apartment.

But if was the houses that made my night. The beauty, the size, the gardens, the large lots, the variety. There are even a few very large Craftsman homes. Most that I have seen have been smaller. This was obviously no working-person’s neighbourhood. One woman I talked to said this was once the edge of town. It’s where the last streetcar ran. The upscale suburbs of the 1900’s to 1920’s perhaps? Take a look at the variety and size of these.

Walk Details: Corydon and Lilac

Started at Corydone and Lilac, and worked back and forth on small streets past Grosvenor, then across to Stafford, and back doing the same zig-zag pattern. I really was going in and out of the bustle.

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