Walking a pretty path in Bird’s Hill, complete with lakes and trees

My legs are holding up fine with the daily walking, but my fingers were getting tired from typing, so I thought I would head out of the city for a bit of quiet walking. I was headed for the Duff Roblin Parkway, a 50+ km trail that runs along the Red River Floodway. My plan was to catch the trail just north of Bird’s Hill (the town, not the park). On the way, I noticed a Trans Canada Trail Pavilion (the red metal roof makes them easy to spot) so stopped to investigate.

Walking in Bird's HIll
Estate is probably not too grand for homes like this, with the water and trees.

Bird’s Hill is a pretty little town, about a 10 minute drive from the Perimeter. Silver Fox Estates is a luxury sub-division just north of the town. I often chuckle at the term estate in planned community titles, but when you are only minutes from a major city, your home/lot looks like this, and your view is of water and trees … I’ll concede that the estate label does fit.

The path starts at the main road through town, and wanders around the two (probably) man-made lakes. If they are not natural lakes, I’d like to tip my hat to the designers for a job very well done.

It’s easy walking, on a hard-packed dirt trail. One bit of the trail has trees, but most of it is wide open. There was little enough traffic that I could let Kenna loose most of the way, and she was easily able to get into and out of the water all along the trail.

BIrd's Hill walk About halfway along the trail, I found a marvelous rock with a built in chair. When I left the city, if you had told me I would soon be sitting on a warm rock, looking at the view to the right, I would have laughed. But there I was.

It’s not a long trail, about 3km total, though pleasant enough you could do it twice for 6km. (If you do it twice, reverse your direction for the second trip. Trust me. It’s always a different experience.)

I’ll hit the Duff Roblin trail another day. Bird’s Hill is a lucky town to have access to this little trail, plus the long one (fabulous biking trail) almost within town limits.

Walking Details

I started just over the hill from the town on the main street. There is a little parking area, and the red-roofed little pavilion is easily visible. You also can’t miss the lakes. I walked about 3km.

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