What a night! Secret trail and more Kildonan area.

I’m not a huge fan of hot weather. In fact, once it gets over 25ºC or so, I can often be found complaining. But 20ºC is heaven, and that is exactly what we have all this week, 7-8º higher than our seasonal norm. My walk this evening was memorable because of the weather. When the winter starts beating us up, sometimes quite early into the season, I often think back on the fall days with longing. I can guarantee if I find myself reaching back in my mind for an escape, this walk will come up.

I started with a little trail that goes from Henderson Hwy to the river, behind the Cambrian Credit Union branch near Peguis Trail. It shows on Google maps as green space, but without a name. I often use this little trail when I don’t have a lot of time, but am doing errands. The trail is not far past my library, gas station, Sobeys, drug store, etc. It’s good for Kenna, too, as there is swimming, and usually about half off-leash time.

Canadians are apparently known for our obsession with weather — I had to admit that trait was evident tonight. I do greet others on my walks, but tonight seemed to bring out more chattiness, not just casual greeting. And I mean from others, not me. Nobody seemed able to pass by or say anything without acknowledging the delightful weather.

Nothing wonderful or terrible happened as we walked along, but there were a few things worth a shot. Click on any image to open a slide show with larger images.

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