Why it’s better to ask than assume.

Kenna and I headed slightly north to the Henderson Highway and Chief Peguis Trail area of the city tonight. The night was perfect, 24C, moderate humidity with a breeze, just made for walking and visiting.

I checked out the gardens, as you can see in the gallery, but then I spotted a small street inside the sound barrier from the Peguis highway. I have always wondered whether the sound barriers actually stopped much noise, so we chose the inside of the wall. I quickly discovered that there was still a lot of traffic noise coming through, and decided that the owners of the modest homes along that street must be mad to have their idyllic little street become so noisy. That highway was built through a nice, big, quiet field.

I spotted a couple out working in their yard, and headed over to confirm how well I read the situation. “You must be pretty unhappy about this,” I said, pointing to the wall, and implying the highway. “Unhappy,” the man said. “No way. We are thrilled.” They went on to explain that the little street I had discovered once ran all the way to Raleigh Street (connecting two major streets) and was horrendous for traffic. When they put the Peguis extension through, they chopped the formerly long street into pieces, ending this one with a cul-de-sac. “We lost two cats, and the traffic was just crazy along here. Now it’s only the ones who live here, and everybody just pokes along.”

I’m a country girl, so I don’t know that traffic noise will ever truly fade into a small thing for me. Strangely, sirens, or intermittent noise seems to be fine. It’s the constant hum that never stops in the city that chases me out once in a while. That, and looking for honest-to-goodness dark. My brain goes on strike if I don’t give it a quiet, dark soak once in a while.

Kudos to the planners who made the people happy, even when they were putting through an 80km/hr road through their neighborhood.

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  1. Very interesting. I get to see a part of Winnipeg, that I don’t know. And I don’t even have to leave my chair! Armchair travel at its best on this grey, rainy day.

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