Yes you are, says the son to the mom (me)

I was talking to my son on the phone this evening, and casually mentioned that this would be the first day I was not going to walk since I started. He said: Yes you are. Not, that’s not a good idea. Not, come on Mom, you can do it. Just, yes you are. I said, but it’s dark, so what can I take a picture of? He said, the night.

So, why didn’t I think I was going walking? I had a surprise visit, and chance to cook for my sister and brother-in-law. They were in the city picking up their daughter, but making the trip back home (200 miles one way) today. At best, I might have squeezed in a quick coffee with them. But a missed plane opened time for a luxurious visit and an Indian feast. It was Friday, I was full and happy, it was dark and wet outside, and I really believed the surprise visit would be excuse enough.

But, not only did I get out walking, I discovered that it was a gorgeous evening. The rain had stopped, there was a lovely breeze, and the temperature was 19ºC. I ended up walking over 3km (2 miles), and enjoyed every step. Kenna had a chance for a romp with two other labs in a school yard. I am always glad that I have gone out, but tonight I was thrilled. I would have missed a very pleasant walk, plus the intimate neighbourhood tidbit that there was a fire a couple of blocks from home. It didn’t look too bad, but they were rolling up fire hoses, so there must have been something.

Thanks, Brian. Maybe I would have found my way out, but maybe not. Yes you are … wise words indeed.

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